Spot Markers IRM Dijital Mart 22, 2022

Spot Markers

Spot Markers

ERS spot markers are used for a range of purposes including patient orientation during a camera study, gamma camera calibration and quality control, gamma probe and Nal detectors calibration and performance check.

Epoxy marked active area is located in the center of the spot marker with a spherical
diameter of 1 mm (0.039”) and 1.8 mm (0.071”). Overall dimensions of ERS spot markers are 25.4 mm x 6.35 mm (1” x 0.25”)

SPT3180Spot MarkerNa-220.37 MBq10 uCi
SPT3181Spot MarkerNa-223.7 MBq100 uCi
SPT3980Spot MarkerGd-1533.7 MBq100 uCi
SPT3980-Set of 6Spot MarkerGd-1533.7 MBq100 uCi
SPT8080-100uSpot MarkerGe-683.7 MBq100 uCi
SPT8080-1mCiSpot MarkerGe-6837 MBq1 mCi
SPT8080-200uSpot MarkerGe-687.4 MBq200 uCi
SPT8080-250uSpot MarkerGe-689.25 MBq250 uCi
SPT8080-25uSpot MarkerGe-680.925 MBqup to 25 uCi
SPT8080-50uSpot MarkerGe-681.85 MBq50 uCi
SPT8180-25uSpot MarkerNa-220.925 MBqup to 25 uCi
SPT8280-25uSpot MarkerCo-570.925 MBqup to 25 uCi
SPT8380-25uSpot MarkerBa-1330.925 MBqup to 25 uCi
SPT8480-25uSpot MarkerCs-1370.925 MBqup to 25 uCi
SPT8580-25uSpot MarkerCo-600.925 MBqup to 25 uCi
SPT8880-25uSpot MarkerEu-1520.925 MBqup to 25 uCi
SPT8180-50uSpot MarkerNa-221.85 MBq50 uCi
SPT8180-100uSpot MarkerNa-223.7 MBq100 uCi
SPT8180-200uSpot MarkerNa-227.4 MBq200 uCi
SPT8180-250uSpot MarkerNa-229.25 MBq250 uCi
SPT8180-1mCiSpot MarkerNa-2237 MBq1 mCi
SPT8280-50uSpot MarkerCo-571.85 MBq50 uCi
SPT8280-100uSpot MarkerCo-573.7 MBq100 uCi
SPT8280-200uSpot MarkerCo-577.4 MBq200 uCi
SPT8280-250uSpot MarkerCo-579.25 MBq250 uCi
SPT8280-1mCiSpot MarkerCo-5737 MBq1 mCi
SPT8380-50uSpot MarkerBa-1331.85 MBq50 uCi
SPT8380-100uSpot MarkerBa-1333.7 MBq100 uCi
SPT8480-50uSpot MarkerCs-1371.85 MBq50 uCi
SPT8480-100uSpot MarkerCs-1373.7 MBq100 uCi
SPT8480-200uSpot MarkerCs-1377.4 MBq200 uCi
SPT8480-250uSpot MarkerCs-1379.25 MBq250 uCi
SPT8580-50uSpot MarkerCo-601.85 MBq50 uCi
SPT8880-50uSpot MarkerEu-1521.85 MBq50 uCi
SPT1290Spot MarkerCo-57117 MBq3 mCi
SPT1291Spot MarkerCo-571.85 MBq50 uCi

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