Spot Markers


ERS spot markers are used for a range of purposes including patient orientation during a camera study, gamma camera calibration and quality control, gamma probe and NaI detectors calibration and performance check. Epoxy marked active area is located in the center of the spot marker with a spherical diameter of 1.8 mm (0.71”). Overall dimensions of ERS spot markers are 25.4 mm x 6.35 mm (1” x 0.25”).

Product Code Product Type Isotope Activity
SPT8280-25u Spot Marker Co-57 0.925 MBq 0.025 mCi
SPT8280-50u Spot Marker Co-57 1.85 MBq 0.05  mCi
SPT8280-100u Spot Marker Co-57 3.7 MBq 0.1 mCi
SPT8280-200u Spot Marker Co-57 7.4 MBq 0.2 mCi
SPT8280-1M Spot Marker Co-57 37 MBq 1 mCi
SPT8280-2M Spot Marker Co-57 74 MBq 2 mCi
SPT8480-5u Spot Marker Cs-137 0.185 MBq 0.005 mCi
SPT8480-10u Spot Marker Cs-137 0.37 MBq 0.01 mCi
SPT8080-100u Spot Marker Ge-68 3.7 MBq 0.1 mCi
SPT8080-500u Spot Marker Ge-68 18.5MBq 0.5 mCi
SPT8180-100u Spot Marker Na-22 3.7 MBq 0.1 mCi
SPT8180-500u Spot Marker Na-22 18.5MBq 0.5 mCi