Pen Point Markers IRM Dijital Aralık 1, 2022

Pen Point Markers

Rod Sources

ERS rod sources and Pen Point Markers are calibrated by direct comparison of standardized solutions traceable to the National lnstitute of Standards and Technology (NIST), in an identical geometry, using a pressurized ion chamber with ±5% accuracy.

ERS rod sources can be supplied in set or invidually in accordance with customer request

Rod Source dimensions are
12.7mm x 127mm (0.5” x 5”)
12.7mm x 74.9mm (0.5” x 2.95”).

ERS offers a wide range of rod sources that are used for calibrating well counters and thyroid uptake systems. Rod sources are constructed of acrylic material and have a flat base which allows easy positioning in the vertical position required for consistent accuracy of the calibration process.

Product CodeProduct TypeIsotopeActivityQuantity
PPM6220-100uPen Point MarkerCo-573.7 MBq100 uCi
PPM6220-1mCiPen Point MarkerCo-571 mCi1 mCi
PPM6220-200uPen Point MarkerCo-577.4 MBq200 uCi
PPM6220-250uPen Point MarkerCo-579.25 MBq250 uCi
PPM6220-500uPen Point MarkerCo-5718.5 MBq500 uCi
PPM6320Pen Point MarkerBa-1331 MBq27 uCi
PPM6920Pen Point MarkerGd-1531 MBq27 uCi

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