ERS Radaway Decontamination Solution IRM Dijital Eylül 14, 2022

ERS Radaway Decontamination Solution

ERS Radaway Product Description

  • A concentrated or ready to use solution design for cleaning radioactive contamination.
  • Binds the radioactive particles on the surfaces and allows them to be cleaned with water.
  • It wraps around radioactive metals and radioactive organic compounds and allows them to be removed from the environment by washing with water.
  • Consist of different chemicals with various properties such as detergent, surfactant, emulsifier, chelating agent, complexer, solvent.
  • Designed to remove radioactive contaminations caused by radioisotopes on surfaces
  • Does not contain silicate, enzyme borate, aluminate, carbonate, phosphate, chromate.
  • Can be used for cleaning metal, plastic, glass, porcelain, and epoxy surfaces.

List of Product

Product CodeDetails
ERS-RDS-1LSBSolution 1L, Spray Bottle, Ready for Use
ERS-RDS-1LBSolution 1L, Bottle, Concentrated
ERS-RDS-5LDSolution 5L, Drum, Concentrated



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