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ERS serves high quality Medical Imaging Calibration & Reference Sources, I-125 Tumor Localization Seeds and Tailor-Made Solutions.
About us admin Şubat 6, 2020
ERS continues to invest in research and development activities

Epsilon Radioactive Sources (ERS) has initiated its product research and development activities in 2008 and started to produce high quality Ge-68  quality assurance sources for  PET and PET-CT systems.

In 2013, ERS brand name was established and  started  to produce nuclear medicine  quality assurance sources under this  brand name.

ERS manufactures quality assurance sources that are compatible with the leading PET OEM manufacturers to provide high-quality products and customer satisfaction. For the calibration of PET, PET/CT, PET/MR & SPECT systems, 68Ge, 22Na, 57Co and 153Gd sources are used in different forms and activities depending on the system model.

Customized sources in different forms and activities can be offered upon customer request by ERS.

Please contact your local distributor or ERS headquarters for product availability and additional information

You can follow our company's open positions at this website www.kariyer.net or you can send an e-mail to bozluik@bozlu.com