Product Shipment

ERS_Fantom_TakimiThe regulations of the US Department of Transportation (DOT) per 49 CFR and the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) apply to packaging and delivery of radioactive materials of ERS product range.

Excepted Packaging and Type A packaging are used for ERS product shipments.

Excepted Packaging “Limited Quantity” is used when the activity limits do not exceed defined in IATA regulations and the radiation level at any point on the package does not exceed allowed limits.

Type A packaging is used to carry normal form radioactive material as defined by 49 CFR and IATA.

ANSI N43.6 : 2007 and ISO 2919 : 2012 sealed radioactive sources radiological protection tests are performed on Type A and Excepted packages.

ISO 9978 : 1992 sealed radioactive sources leakage tests are applied on ERS sealed sources.

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